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It’s that time of year where Baltimore Spring Mini Sessions are here!

Ok, I know I’m not the only one who is thinking it right now but “Maryland, go home, your drunk”. In February we were getting weather in the 60s and 70s and then back down to cold and snowy temperatures. With Maryland bringing in bits of warm, that means flowers are blooming sooner! That makes me all excited for Spring to come!

Did you know- Spring is the start of when photographers get booked out far in advance? Yup thats right! Moms start looking early to book for all of their family and motherhood sessions before Maryland gets too hot.

The perfect solution for you when we get booked out far in advance? Our Spring Mini Sessions!

Mini Sessions are perfect for those busy families who need to fit updating pictures in their busy schedule! They are shorter sessions but you’re still able to get gorgeous photos without having to spend a fortune!

What Spring Mini Sessions Do We Have For 2023?

Mommy & Me Minis

As a mom myself, I am always behind the camera. I’m always getting pictures of the kids, or of them with their dad. If I remember I try to add myself in there in some sort of selfie way. Although I am in the picture – its not usually flattering. And for the few times I ask my husband to get pictures of me with the kids, it’s definitely not flattering and doesn’t look nearly as nice as the ones I take of him with the kids. I know I’m not the only one right?!

Our Mommy & Me Minis are your chance to get dolled up, pick out a gorgeous outfit, and spend some time with your kids in front of the camera! No worrying about if they’re flattering or if your going to get good pictures, I’ve got you!

If you want to book your Mommy & Me Mini or need to chat more head over here!

Spring Flower Minis

This year our spring Flower Minis are at the beautiful Sherwood Gardens in Northern Baltimore, Maryland.

This is the perfect place to celebrate Spring and have your family photos updated! Plus, anyone else tired of it being cold and the sun not being out?

They have over 50,000 tulips planted, and many other types of flowers! Who wouldn’t want to bring in Spring with outside fun, warm sun , amazing smelling flowers, and creating tons of memories?

If you want to book your Spring Flower Minis or need to chat more head over here!

Here’s a few questions I get the most about Minis!

1. How do I book Mini Sessions?

You’re going to want to find a photographer that matches the style your wanting for your photos. Whether thats color, or if they photograph candid shots or more posed ones.

Personally I do both! I get that photo of everyone looking at the camera for mom, and I get those candid shots so we can see everyones personalities!

If you have children, make sure your photographer knows how to work with children. You don’t want to book someone who doesn’t know how to interact with children and who can’t be patient with them!

Patience is a virtue here and someone who knows how to photograph and interact with kids, especially in such a short time is one of the most important things!

2. What do we do after we book our Mini Session?

We start the planning! I love planning sessions out with clients so I walk you through all of it and I’m here for you every step of the way!

First, we need to make sure we plan out your outfits!

I believe photos are forever and we not only hang them up in our homes, but we share them with everyone. We give them to grandparents as gifts, share them with our friends, and post them on social media for everyone to see so I make sure your sessions are exactly what you want them to look like!

We want to make sure to coordinate your outfits with each other so they give a cohesive look and don’t look too matchy-matchy. You also want to make sure your outfits match with the seasons and Spring is the perfect time to do this. Bring in those cute flowy dresses and light colors!

Head over to my blog for some outfit ideas: Stress Free Guide to Styling Your Family Session

You also want to make sure everyone in your family is prepared, especially your kids! Talk with them about what they’re going to be doing and who they’re going to see. This will help them know exactly what to expect and gives you the chance to let them know they’ll also have a chance to have some fun!

Head over to my blog on some tips to get the best pictures with your kids: 7 Tips for the Best Pictures With Your Kids!

Family of six for an example of candid pictures for Spring Mini Sessions for Bethany Simms Photography

I’m so excited for our Baltimore Spring Mini Sessions for 2023! If you are interested in booking with Bethany Simms Photography or need to talk more about the sessions head over to Bethany Simms Photography Spring Minis

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