Annapolis Area Summer Mini Sessions


Summer time can be busier than any other time of the year. It’s when you have to balance work, kids being home from school, family time and any vacations you have planned. It’s like you have to find a whole other routine just for summer and that can be HARD. I’ve made it a easier to carve out time to spend with your family by having awesome Summer mini sessions!

Summer Mini 1- Splash Sessions

This year I wanted to host a fun mini session days that could take the stress away from planning a photo session all while you and your kids have a TON of fun! Mama, let your hair down, get your feet wet and have fun with your family for this session! It’s candid moments, a ton of fun and a core memories that you’re creating!

I wasn’t even splashing while taking the photos and I had just as much fun watching and photographing them! Their kids faces lit up and they enjoyed every moment of it!

Spend some time in the water and click here to book your time on July 22nd. LIMITED spots are available for this session so you don’t want to miss out on them!

Summer Mini 2- Personality Portraits

These portraits are here to celebrate your kids!! They are all about them and their personality. Whether they like to dance, act like a superhero, wear the same Bluey shirt 50 times in a row or dress as a princess that’s what these are here to document!

They grow up TOO fast, so these capture who they are at this age and what we love about them! These are black and white pictures to let their personalities shine through!

Come hang out on August 19th and book your kiddos personality portraits here! We’ve got limited sessions for these too! Snag them before they’re all gone!


Before you know it our kids are going to be all grown up! So cherish these memories (and make more) with our two Summer Mini Sessions! If you have any further questions you can always contact me here!

I can’t wait to see you this Summer!

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