5 Unique Newborn Photography Sessions to Cherish Forever

Session Tips

Every baby’s story is unique, and their newborn session should reflect that! Each session should show your baby’s personality while capturing the special bond they have with their family. We’re going to explore five unique newborn photography sessions for capturing all of your baby’s first moments. Showing sessions outside of those traditional poses and settings we normally think of!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Firstly, this is one of the sessions I specialize in! Lifestyle newborn photography sessions offer an authentic approach to capturing your growing family’s bond. These sessions are family oriented and allow for natural moments to unfold. Such as tender cuddles, playful interactions with siblings, or moments in baby’s nursery. They showcase love, joy, and intimacy of a family, while also allowing for a very relaxed and comfortable session. Everyone can feel at ease and free to express themselves naturally. Not to mention, they focus on genuine emotions and candid moments that result in timeless photos of baby’s arrival and the bonds of your family!

Postpartum mom with her newborn baby boy in a lifestyle studio for a 
newborn photography session.
Lifestyle newborn session in my Maryland studio

Check out more of my lifestyle newborn sessions here!

Pet-Inclusive Newborn Sessions

This one is for our fur babies! They are just as important as our human ones and you can include them in your newborn session as well! Including them allows me to capture that special bond of your pets and your baby. Whether you choose to cuddle up with the family dog or capture those important interactions with your pet, these sessions add an extra layer of love and warmth to the images. You can check out this Pinterest board I put together to show some ideas of pet inclusive sessions!

Outdoor Newborn Sessions

When you think of newborn photography sessions, most of the time in home or in a studio comes to mind. But those are not the only locations you can choose! You can take advantage of the beauty of the great outdoors with an outdoor newborn session! Outdoor sessions offer a natural and serene setting for your baby’s photographs. Whether its a beautiful meadow, the woodlands, or a beach, these let your baby shine in the magic of nature.

A black and white photograph of a mom after having a baby in the hospital holding her newborn baby girl to show a documentary style newborn photograph.
Documentary-Style session in an Annapolis, MD hospital

Documentary-Style Sessions

This is another style I specialize in! Documentary-style captures the real and unscripted moments of your baby’s early days. From the first yawns and cries to the sleepy smiles and tiny fingers and toes. They offer a candid and authentic glimpse into your baby’s world, keeping those fleeting moments of newborns in all their raw and beautiful glory. The perfect settings for these sessions are in home and the hospital (aka Fresh 48 sessions).

Prop Sessions

Lastly, these newborn sessions allow your photographs to be more posed and less lifestyle. Personal touches and props can be used to reflect your family’s unique style and interests. You can use cherished heirlooms, favorite books, or even bring in beloved hobbies to the session, making each one unique and very baby concentrated!

At the end of the day, make sure you are choosing a photographer that’s work represents the type of newborn session you want to tell your story! No matter the type of session, be it posed and props based, or family oriented and storytelling based, the most important thing is to capture the essence of your baby’s unique personality and the special bond you share as a family. Each type of session offers a creative and memorable way to preserve that magic of your baby’s first days and cherish those precious memories for years to come.

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